report for bicycle helmet

In your report, you are expected to mention the following points:

o Importance of the topic and why you chose it (e.g. I chose digital keyboard keys

because I need to fix my brothers keyboard and trying to find cheapest and best

performing material, or every year this many people dying from heart disease so I

chose heart stent material etc.). Your chosen topic has to have a meaning for you.

If your topic is not original and no purpose is clearly stated in choosing that topic,

I will cut marks.

o Properties you are looking for in that component (e.g. it has to absorb energy, it

has to be strong and stiff, but it has to be cheapest or environmentally safest

option, etc.) You need to prepare the table for the translation step.

o Your approach to the material selection problem, your material indices (don’t

need to show derivation), the material selection charts you chose to apply your

material indices, and candidate materials. If you choose wrong material indices or

missing material indices, you will lose significant points.

o Supporting information from literature to support your material of choice (e.g.

after my material selection procedure I chose carbon-carbon composites to be the

best option and my literature review shows that this indeed is the commonly used

material for this application). I’ll ask you information to check if you did literature

review and if you cannot answer my question, you will lose points.

o How you chose to process your material of choice using process selection charts

and literature information supporting that process.

o You will need to generate the charts yourself using the software. I won’t accept

print out charts. Be creative and generate desired charts for your own problem.

Your report might cover the following titles (minimum 4 pages):

ü Introduction

o The reason you chose this topic, and the importance of it etc.

ü Required properties for the component

o Summarize all the properties that your material should have for that application

supporting with the literature (e.g., non-toxic, strong, high fracture toughness,

high fatigue life, high service temperature etc. together with reasons behind it.)

ü Materials selection procedure

o Design requirements in a table (function, objective, free variables, etc.)

o Material index and its derivation or refer to appendix for the correct index

o Application of material indices on charts

o Candidate materials and literature support

ü Processing selection

o Use process selection charts in order to make your process selection

Cost and environment

o Talk about the cost of your material and compare it with other possible candidates

using cost charts or literature findings.

o Talk about the environmental effects of choosing this material. e.g., Is it


o Use embodied energy charts or embodied energy data from appendix to rank


ü Conclusion

o A paragraph of summary

  • The report should be based on properly applied material selection procedure and
  • conducted literature search.

  • All students are required to list references for the information provided.
  • Format is not important but it should not be sloppy and each section is clearly separated
  • with a title.

  • Show your work on the material selection charts.
  • Apply your knowledge from lectures and homeworks to your project.
  • Copying and pasting from your presentation and submitting it as a report is not
  • acceptable. If you copy exactly your slides, you will get low score. The content of

    presentation and report are the same but report should include extra information

    whereas presentation should just be the summary of your report.

  • Some important point about the print out material selection charts is that when you apply
  • your material index to the chart, the best material for example can be composites. But

    charts don’t specify what type of composite it can be so you will do literature search and

    support your finding and at the same time you can find a more specific name to your

    composite material selection such as Kevlar fibers in epoxy etc. Or charts might guide you

    to Ti alloys but with literature search you can find a specific Ti alloy

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