research paper outline 34


is the template must be followed, also attached is the an example of what it should look like, also list of primary and secondary.

Thesis: How did gender roles define what American women did in the military during WW2.

Looking at: Nursing, Codebreakers/ spies, roles in WAVES,WACS, WASPS.

FIRST, draft a preliminary “reason-based” outline of your chapter, with 3-4 “reasons” identified, formatted as follows:

Claim/Argument/Working Thesis
1. Reason 1
2. Reason 2
3. Reason 3
4. Reason 4

SECOND, transform your “reason-based” outline into a “question-based” outline, with 3-4 secondary questions (provide the answer to each secondary question in parentheses), formatted as follows. The best primary and secondary research questions always begin with a “why” or a “how”.

Primary Research Question (the question that your Claim answers)

  1. Secondary Question 1 (answer 1 = reason 1)
  2. Secondary Question 2 (answer 2 = reason 2)
  3. Secondary Question 3 (answer 3 = reason 3)
  4. Secondary Question 4 (answer 4 = reason 4)

Working Thesis/Argument/Answer to Primary Research Question

THIRD, Insert a shorthand list of relevant evidence for each of your Secondary Questions

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