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Music 115 History of Rock Music

In the link below the prompt and example of the album assignment. I would like the album review to be about The Shirelles (girls grupe). If you want to choose another one contact me or give my names. In the link below there are websites to use them as sources as much as you can.

You are going to write a record review of an album that is deemed significant in Rock Music. A list of groups/artists can be accessed by clicking on link below news/story/5938174/the_rs_500_greatest_albums_of_all_time Criteria: Title Page Name, word count, course number, section number, etc. Introduction: Write a biography of the group you’re critiquing. This should include the year the group/artist began recording, a list of and year of recordings, billboard chart positions, and any awards, Grammys, etc. is a great source for biographical information. Section 1 You will need to include all of the specifics of the recording, record label, producer(s), year, and dates of recording. Listen to the album several times as if you were a record critic and write an overview of the album, i.e. style of music, mood, highlights, lowlights, etc. Here are some things to consider: Is there a unifying theme throughout the album? Are there contrasting themes? If so, what are they? Is there enough variety musically in your opinion? What is it about this album in particular that makes it stand out? Section 2 Pick four songs and discuss them in more detail. Discuss your likes and dislikes as we have in relation to the journal entries in class but you will need to go into more detail. Discuss any other elements you find compelling, i.e., imagery from the lyrics or lack thereof, the use of and/or role of instrumentation, tempos, solos, vocals, etc. Section 3 Summarize your experience. Would you recommend this album to other listeners? Why or why not? Include any other points you would like to make to support your recommendation. Papers must be typed, 5 pages minimum. Grading on content. Deductions for errors. Due the last class before the final.

I have an example that can help you to do same style.

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