Software Engineering quiz, writing homework help


just answer the ten questions: 

each question must be at least two to five sentences.

These are the quiz questions :

1-In your own words, describe the difference between a use case diagram and use case narrative.

2- give three examples of actors for a hotel reservation system to illustrate the different roles that an actor (human or otherwise) can take.

3-discribe the pre-conditions that you might include in use case narrative for a guest at a hotel automatically checking out when they leave the hotel.

4- Discuss three reasons why collecting and understanding requirements might be difficult for the IT team developing the hotel reservation system.

5- Describe two of the outputs from the requirements elicitation phase of requirements engineering.

6- Provide one example of a functional and one non-functional requirement for the hotel reservation system.

7-create a user story for a hotel clerk who is checking in a new guest who has a reservation in the system(front of the card only).

8- Create a user story for the hotel manager who is generating a report at the end of the day to see how full the hotel is at that time (front of the card only).

9-User stories are part of the agile development process, discuss why they work for this style of development.

10- For the user story where a hotel clerk is checking in a new guest who says they have a reservation, describe the success and failure conditions that would be placed on the back of the card

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