sports marketing 6

  1. What advertising/promotional message strategies do Japan or IOC (International Olympic Committee) use to change current consumer attitude and image toward the Olympic Games that have been perceived from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Directions: All students are expected to participate in discussion by answering questions, and engaging other participants in an exchange of ideas. All students are expected to enter into some portion of a given week’s discussion; failure to engage in some portion of a discussion will be graded as non-participation. Students need to follow the steps below to complete their class discussion.

  • First, students are expected to answer to the question by Friday midnight. Responses to the question must be at least 200 words not including references.
  • Second, students need to make three comments to other classmates’ answers within 48 hours (e.g., Sunday midnight). Comments to each classmate must be at least 100 words not including references.
  • Comments made after the deadlines will NOT receive credit.

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