this is a discussion post from a student all i need to do is to give a response base on this post also i need references 1

This is a Discussion post from a student. All I need to do is to give a response base on this post. also I need references.

Not many people like change, but change is extremely important. According to Huber (2018), “change is an adjustment to make something different and better” (p.33). A problem at my workplace that will require managerial intervention is effective communication. From the supervisors down to the team members communicating about a problem is often not done. When doing rounds the nurses lack the patience to walk and provide a good report. Often nurses are always in a rush to go home. When there is an issue in the work place the leaders fail to communicate what is going on and how it can be resolved. Management and leaders should step up and ensure everyone is communicating effectively. Communication has shown to gain employee compliance (Bake, 2019).

Two leadership strategies that will help improve this problem is articulate a clear need for the change and having the staff leave details to those who must implement the change (Huber, 2018, p.40). The managers need to stress the importance to team members the need to communicate. In order to better patient care everyone needs to communicate. The mangers should also allow staff to leave details about implementation without backlash and feeling like the staff is incompetent. Sometimes because the managers feel like they have a higher degree than someone they fail to take advice from others. When the mangers do receive advice, they do nothing about it. If management articulate the need for change and have staff leave details to implement change than the workplace will have better communication.


Bake, M. (2019). The Importance of Leadership and Employee Retention. Radiologic Technology, 90(3), 279–281.

Huber, D. (2018). Leadership & nursing care management (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

This was the question?

Identify a problem at your workplace that would require managerial intervention. Discuss two management or two leadership strategies that would improve the problem.

Two references are required: one from the course textbook.One from a peer-reviewed NURSING journal less than 5 years old. National professional, governmental, or educational organizations (.org, .gov, be used as supplemental references.

Use APA format

Must use the textbook as Reference:

Here’s the Required textbook

Huber, D. (2018). Leadership & nursing care management (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

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