to create a project plan for a project using libre

Project Description: Create a complete project plan

Work together to create a project plan of a project of your choice. Imagine that it is your own project or dream business and you need to work your best to put a perfect plan to guarantee its success. Follow the below instructions while creating your project plan

MS Project Instructions

1. Select your project idea.

2. Create Project and save it as your project name

3. Create a new calendar and save it as your project calendar as follows:

a. Your calendar has to have a specific working hours according to your project plan

b. Weekends has to be Fridays and Saturdays

4. Create a resource sheet for your project as follow:

a. At least 3 work type resources

b. At least 2 material type resources

c. At least 2 cost type resources

5. Enter your phases and tasks in the Gantt Chart as follows:

a. At least 3 phases, in each phase at least 2 tasks

b. Each task has to have: duration, start date and resource (if needed)

c. At least 3 tasks have predecessors

d. Each task has to be indented with its belonging phase

6. Set at least 2 tasks to be milestone.

7. Show the critical path in your project

8. Insert a note in your project describing the tasks

9. Change the type of dependency of one of the tasks according to your project

10. Modify the tracking of at least 5 tasks of your project (at least one of them to be 100%)

11. Add to Gantt chart cost column and any other column of your choice.

12. Create a project report and modify it format.

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