virginia slave trade origin of racism

1 – read the following article about the origins of racism. and to summarize the article’s main points in your words. You must also make a comment on the article. (250-300 words)

2- the men who created the system of plantation slavery in the Americas and who made themselves the ruling class. This assignment asks you to examine an important primary source – the Virginia Slave Codes of 1705 – which became a template for the rest of the nation to follow. This exercise allows you to study closely how that ruling class came to invent racial categories, create the stigmatization of people of African descent, and embed the idea of race into the foundation of American society.

In 1705, the Virginia House of Burgesses, the body controlled by plantation owners that held power in colonial Virginia, enacted a series of new laws defining who could be enslaved and who could not.

Your assignment is to read those Slave Codes and answer the following questions:

1. To you, which were the 5 most significant prohibitions enacted by the plantation owners/House of Burgesses in the 1705 Slave Code, and explain why you picked those 5.

2. What behavior and/or activity were the planter class attempting to control? Be specific.

3. Who all were the codes directed at? Be specific.

4. Why did they pass these laws? (250-300 words)

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