will utilities such as nextera energy orsted etc play the major role in exiting fossil fuels and thus stopping or at least slowing down global warming

You may focus on the major role in exiting fossil fuels and thus stopping or at least slowing down global warming: current major companies, such as Orsted or NextEra Energy (any such company, anywhere in the world); transformations of the major oil companies into renewable energy companies; transformations of other types of companies into renewable energy companies; start-ups that could replace the utilities; rooftop solar installation companies that could bankrupt and then replace the big utilities; new technologies that could make the current grid system redundant or much less significant; etc.

Structure of the paper:

After an initial introduction, you should discuss the drivers of the renewable energy investment story that we have reviewed in class, and any others that you think are significant. We have discussed, or will discuss, in class: global warming (also called climate change); pollution and its role in pushing investment into renewable energy; the amount of money likely to be in play; government regulations—national, state/regional, or municipal–including taxes and subsidies which may favor (or disadvantage) investment in renewable energy; comparative costs of renewable and fossil fuel technologies; the element of belief, sometimes called dreams, in major investment shifts; and the potential role of millions of electric car owners as a lobbying force to shift the world into a re-thinking of energy and pollution.

You should then discuss, even if briefly, at least one example of a utility, such as Orsted or NextEra Energy, shifting into renewables. Explain the technologies they have used, and whether or not they have wide application throughout the world. Make sure that you discuss the costs of these technologies and whether or not they have a cost advantage over other renewable energy technologies. You can then continue in more depth on that topic or explain why you think some other system (e.g., rooftop solar) or some other industry (e.g., the oil industry transforming out of oil) will disrupt the energy industry and be the basis of the shift out of fossil fuels.

You should conclude your paper with a recommendation (to a major company or a big investor) on whether to invest or not in the industry/company that is the focus of your paper.

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