Write a paper and answer some questions.


1. Paper. Vision of Technology Integration – write a scholarly statement on their vision of technology use.This should be 2-3 pages and include 2-3 sources (APA citation) Write with a first-person wording. (You can use these (as well as your textbook) or other articles that you have found. ) Resources:






2. Read those two articles then answer the questions. (Every answer should be more specific, not just answer the questions)


a. How might digital portfolios allow our learners and teachers improve the long-term motivation and self-knowledge of our learners?

b. How does the work with digital portfolios affect curriculum decision-making?

c. The author states, “Portfolios can be used to create an ongoing dialogue between students and teachers.” How could such a conversation improve performance at your school?


How can you incorporate project based learning into instruction? Why is inquiry based instruction a powerful teaching method?

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